This is a sticky post.

This journal mainly exists for tracking and commenting on other journals. Actually, that's pretty much the only reason it exists, that and lurking. (We are talking Olympic-grade "Born to Lurk" here. Until the inevitable scandal when my medal gets stripped for plagiarizing Neil Gaiman.) If you're looking for my fic, which I am still writing very sporadically, it's on my AO3 account.
Nothing else to see here, folks. Move along.

/sticky post
Breaking from my regularly-scheduled lurking because I feel the need to make sure I don't forget one of the few truly original pickup lines out there:

"You have nice eyes, and all that bullshit."

Delivered with complete and total sincerity by a man who was, at the time, handcuffed to his hospital bed in the emergency room. Sometimes I really love my job.


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